my first “gig”

So I started this blog because I wanted to share my creations and I also wanted to be able to ramble on about macarons and pastries in general without annoying my friends any more than I already have. I am a French major but I had NOOOO idea what I wanted to do when I graduated….I mean what do I do? Where do I go? Then this summer I just LOST in for pastries. In high school I wanted to be a pastry chef but I never took it too seriously. I think when I graduate I want to go to France and teach English for a year in France and find a way to go to pastry school there. I just ADORE doing this. I can be all alone and have so much fun by myself!

Anyway, I decided I wanted to start to try and get my name out into the community that I can bake macarons. OMG I am crazy. I have only baked like…7 or 8 batches and I am already trying to get orders! But I have been having some really good results and the only other bakery that sells macarons in Louisville makes TERRIBLE ones! They are $2 and they are rock hard and hollow. Sorry…if you are reading this…which I am sure you are not….but they are horrible. Seriously you have guts charging $2 for them when they are so bad.

So I told my French professor that I would like for her to bring some macarons to the next French Alliance meeting and include my information incase people would like to order more in the future. And guess what she says, “I would love to! Have some ready tomorrow by 5” I almost died! It was my perfect opportunity because it was the open house for the French Alliance so anyone and everyone interested in all things French would be there. So I said yes! Even though macarons MUST have maturation….even though I had nothing ready….even though I have to go to my mom’s to use her stove because I have an old rickety gas stove, I said yes! And guess what! They turned out pretty well! I made strawberry ones again because they matured fast due to the high moisture content of the strawberry jam and then I made chocolate peanut butter ones because my family LOVED them.

They turned out pretty well except for the chocolate shells. All I did was add 7g of coco powder to the batter and it makes the shells deflate and thus crackle after I take them out of the oven. I rested them for an hour too! The deflation wasn’t that bad this time but it was still noticeable. I don’t think anyone would judge me though, I made them literally like 3 hours before the party on short short notice. Plus they were DELICIOUS! I wish I had more pictures but I forgot to bring my camera so I used my phone. I was in such a rush too that I forgot to take pictures. Hopefully she has some that I can steal!

Lastly she texted me and said quel succes fou! which means “what a crazy success!” I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED! I don’t want to become rich off these things lol I just would like to give myself a reason to bake them and cover the costs! Thats it! Not looking to be a millionaire! Anywaze I am going to make Savarins this weekend for my mom and my birthday celebrations. She asked for a yellow cake and chocolate buttercream icing…..I told her I should just go to kroger and buy betty crocker….but I think I am going to try to “culture” her a bit. I’m going to make Savarins and skip the fruit and rum and just soak them in a sugar/vanilla syrup. Then add a super light and airy chocolate butter cream on top. I know it isn’t traditional but it’s what my mom wants lol. And it’s just enough outside the box to introduce her to something new but just familiar enough to not scare her off.

So in summary, in less than a day’s notice I baked a bunch of macarons for my FIRST advertisement of them….which if you have baked them before you know that is crazy. It takes days from start to finish to bake good macarons. These were pretty decent though! Minor imperfections but the taste and look was achieved! Hopefully I can show you all the finished product! I think she took photos!


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