Art Macaron

There is the place in Paris called Art Macaron…lol huh…fancy that…When I was traversing Paris and trying to visit as many pastry shops as possible, Art Macaron was one I decided to stop by, and thank god for that! It was a little off the beaten path but not in the middle of nowhere. I’m glad I made the trek too. What you don’t see is the 5 other bags from pastry shops I was carrying around 🙂 I was dedicated to my mission! The people working there were SUPER nice! I rare find in Paris. Most big pastry shops won’t let you take pictures in them, I guess they don’t want it to look touristy? Anyway screw them! Let us take pictures! I am a tourist! Let me enjoy this memory rather than think you are a snobby pretentious parisian. They weren’t super huge and didn’t have a super huge offering compared to the other pastry shops I visited in Paris but I LOVED everything I bought from here. Plus they were nice, a good detail for the tourist who is fed up with the “snobisme” typical of any establishment in Paris…oh your charms are many Paris.

So one of the things I bought was a….get ready for it……SALTED BUTTER COVERED MACARON!!!!! OMG the opulence! It was….heavenly and sooooooooo….wrong yet right….right mostly. I’m not sure what the flavor was. I think it might have been a plain macaron filled with…probably more salted butter. I couldn’t discern the flavor but I think it was featuring the salted butter and not the flavor of the macaron. It was unbelievably delicious. The salted butter made the macaron so soft and melt in your mouth. Not to mention is was gorgeous! Look at the love and care that went into this one, single macaron lollipop!

I’m no food critique but this was a culinary success! God I HAVE to try to make one of these. I mean it seems simply enough. Actually, I could take my ugly shells and cover them in butter….lol you didn’t read that! This was thankfully not the only thing I bought from here. The other was a little gateaux that I am pretty sure was of their own creation. Think cracker jacks 🙂

I know the flavors were, vanilla cream, some nutty cream, salted caramel, popcorn (duh), very light chocolate flavor, and peanuts. I liked this because it just looked so playful. I think it’s important not to take life too seriously. It sets you up for failure and in the end…whats the fun of that? When you are in the nursing home are you going to be glad you refused to indulge a little? I thought this was so interesting because I like juxtapositions. I don’t even know if that is the right word. I liked that this was a very refined French pastry yet, it was a nod to one of the most iconic American snacks! I shared this with my friend Ann and we were practically battle royal-ing in the middle of La Défense in Paris over the little popcorn pieces!

This was actually our last day in Paris. I had bought so many pastries that we sat here for like…2 hrs and gobbled down pastry after pastry. I wanted to try as many as possible and I think I succeeded. I really do have the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I know. There literally is no satisfying it. Any yes if you were wondering, I did gain weight. But I think it was worth it! Just loooooook at that salted butter covered macaron….a pound is worth that right?!

goodbye Art Macaron, until next time!


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