Fruity Pebble Macarons!

So I have been wanting to make Fruity Pebble flavored macarons for a while now! (I also want to make Captain Crunch ones 🙂 ) And today ended up being the day I did it! They are actually berry flavored macaron shells with a milk and Fruity Pebble cream inside! I took tons of pictures because common, rainbow macarons are pretty! These were actually crazy difficult to make for several reasons. First I found out that Fruity Pebbles don’t steep well in heavy cream. I also found out italian meringue doesn’t like to be divided six times and mixed and left unattended for alternating periods of time. Honestly I’m surprised these came out at all. Some of the shells aren’t perfectly circular but hey, I consider it a victory they baked at all!

The bags look so pretty all lined up! I almost didn’t want to pipe the macarons really! I thought about swirling them all together but I was really afraid the colors would run together too much and make a big grey blob. God I cannot get over how cute the rainbow colors look! I used a TON of food coloring. I think that caused problems too because some of my macaron bottoms were a little wet.

I really could not stop taking pictures! Roy G Biv eat your heart out! The colors were sooooo vivid! Its too bad they never bake as bright. I even piped them in order of the rainbow so I could take a really pretty picture like these 🙂 I was praying I could find same sized macarons to match the colors with! Somehow they always seem to find a partner though!

Common! Look at those baked macarons! They even smelled like fruity pebbles because of the various berry extracts I used to flavor them. I really didn’t add that much I just wanted them to smell like Fruity Pebbles. I was afraid if I added too much flavoring they might overpower the milk and Fruity Pebble cream.

I used egg whites to attach the Fruity Pebbles to the top. BAD IDEA! This made the tops soggy and mushy. I had to dry them out again! I was afraid to sprinkle the Fruity Pebbles on top before baking though because I thought they might be too heavy and sink into the macaron. I also was afraid they would burn and brown on top of the macarons. I need to figure out a different way to attach them.

I finally got to assemble them! Look at that prettiness! They look like giant Fruity Pebble flakes with milk squished in-between them! They look better in real life. The camera tends to alter the color a little bit. Or maybe my eyes alter the color in real life? I’m not sure maybe it is actually my computer screen that makes the color show up a little different. They are brighter in real life.

I can’t decide whether or not I think I should match like color shells or if I like the mismatched colored shells. What do you think? I’m not sure which way would show up better. Also when am I going to get salmonella poisoning? I eat that batter raw ALL the time! And I attached the Fruity Pebbles using raw egg whites. I don’t think I should tell people that or they might be hesitant to eat them! I am freezing them. Freezing kills salmonella right?

I would post the recipe but I was told by some VERY savvy friends that I shouldn’t post the recipes I create. I did reveal the flavors though. I feel bad not posting the recipe but I guess if I do want to make this into a career I need to start thinking about it that way and keeping my personal recipes I create my own.

This last picture reminds me of the Fourth of July! Hmmmm ideas, ideas! I can already see the future macarons I will be making 🙂 Soon I am planning on making Andes mint chocolate macarons, malted chocolate macarons, kiwi macarons, Ispahan macarons, pumpkin pie macarons, caramel apple macarons, and a few other flavors I have in mind like cracker jacks, Bounty (the candy bar) macarons, banana and caramel macarons, Heath macarons, Coca Cola macarons, I dunno I have SOOOOO many ideas. I hope I get more orders. I need a reason to make these other than for the hell of it. The little pretties are expensive!


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