Hugo & Victor: Pastry Jewelers

Huge & Victor was also a pastry shop were no photos were allowed…however I snuck a few before they saw and asked me to stop! I asked them why no pictures…and they literally had no response for me. I asked what the reasoning was and they were speechless. Snobbery? I’ll forgive them though because their shop was GORGEOUS! It felt like I was in a space age jewelry shop. It was exquisite. All of the pastries were features in little boxes built into the wall covered in glass, just like priceless jewelry! Its so cool to see the different aesthetics features in different pastry shops. There seems to be a trend of either being ultra modern and sleek or super classic and nostalgic.

I got some macarons from them and their very different take on a Saint-Honoré. I appreciate the creativity but I prefer the traditional Saint-Honoré. The bottom layer (I think its called puff pastry) was just too hard to cut with a fork and I just thought it was a little dry too. Keep in mind it was all delicious! I just thought they shouldn’t have used such a dry dough if they weren’t going to add some pastry cream or something. This one was raspberry flavored! The cream puffs were amazing and the filling was actually tart! Most of the time the raspberry fillings in France were sweet so this was a nice surprise!

I really wish I would have had more time in Paris to sample more pastries! It’s just impossible to try them all! I was a million pastries a day and I still didn’t even make a DENT in what Paris has to offer as far as pastries go. I also bought macarons. I cannot sadly remember all of the flavors. I should have wrote them all down! They sleek black boxes for the macarons but those cost so much! Anytime you buy macarons in a box they charge you a TON for the fancy box. So I bought a “brin de macarons” which was cheaper than a box. I didn’t eat them right away and as a result of transporting them to Dijon via TGV they got crushed a little! Battle scars!

All in all Hugo & Victor is definitely a pastry shop you should visit in Paris. They are completely unique and different than any other shop you will visit! Their creations are different too. Having that largest per capita baker population, as France does, means that it takes a lot to be unique and stand out from the crowd and I think they accomplish this. Their macarons were well made, as you can see from them being crushed! Delicate with nice crisp shells and although I can’t remember all the flavors, (I know combawa, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, orange blossom….) they were very delicious! I will definitely be stoping by to visit them next time I’m in Paris!


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