Red Velvet Macarons!

I had this idea for a while to make red velvet macarons! Who doesn’t LOVE red velvet cake?! I remember when I found out red velvet cake was just chocolate cake colored red I was shocked and in denial! But I looked it up and it is indeed simply red chocolate cake. Apparently the baking soda used to cause the cocoa powder to turn red back in the day and now they add the coloring to the red velvet cake to keep the tradition. For the shells I decided to use semi-sweet chocolate because I didn’t think milk chocolate would work well for a red velvet flavor and boy was I right! The semi-sweet chocolate PERFECTLY mimics the flavor of red velvet cake. I then just added maroon food coloring to the batter and the slight chocolate color + the maroon coloring perfectly mimicked the color of red velvet cake too! I was so glad these turned out so good!

I went to a halloween party yesterday and I decided to bring these because the people had never had macarons there and I though red velvet ones would be less “foreign” for them and they would be more likely to try them. I don’t understand it but people tend to look at macarons as these really bizarre things. Not everyone, but I guess macarons do look different from the food we normally eat in America. Not a familiar look. So I though red velvet would be less threatening.

The cream cheese filling I used was taken from the book Les Petits Macarons! I love this book! Sooooooo many recipes! Definitely one of my favorite macaron books I own. My only complaint is that there aren’t more pictures in the book. I really wish they would have included more because macarons are all about appearances and I want to see exactly what the filling or shell will look like before I make it. I have never made a cream cheese frosting. I was afraid it would stay tasting like tangy cream cheese but it tastes great! Not too sweet but it definitely has a sweet creamy taste rather than a tangy creamy taste! I was very happy with it!

So if you are interested in trying your hand at red velvet macarons just simply use semi-sweet chocolate in a normal chocolate macaron recipe and add maroon food coloring! Then make a cream cheese frosting/filling and voila! These were some of the easiest macarons to make! Sometimes the fillings tend to be a bit complex but this was so easy that it is a perfect macaron for when you are in a pinch and low on time! I aged these for around a day and a half or two days and it was perfect! I don’t even know if they needed that long but in the end they did have the perfect light texture so age them as long as you think necessary!


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