Maple Bacon Macarons!

I made these by special request 🙂 I always wondered how a savory macaron would taste. Granted, these are sweetened with maple syrup but the majority of the flavor is meaty bacon 🙂 yum yum! I got the recipe from the book Les Petits Macarons although I tweaked it a lot and added some other stuff and more maple syrup and black pepper. (I also added orange zest! do it! just zest the orange you used for the juice!)

Firstly the shells, I thought I would try my hand at grinding my own nuts and using a different nut other than almonds. I chose pecans. OMFG it was a nightmare! First about 3/4ths of the ground pecans turned to paste. I used a lot of powdered sugar to try to soak up the oil but it only semi-worked. I ended up with only about 100g of useable pecan nut flour which I combined with almond nut flour to make enough nut flour for the macarons. It was enough though! The pecan flavor definitely shown through and I was VERY happy with the flavor of the macarons. Definitely a stronger nuttier flavor. I wouldn’t recommend it for fruit flavors but for certain flavors like pumpkin or savory flavors the pecan flour added a very nice dimension! Oh and I tried to toast the wet pecan nut flour but it didn’t really work. It really only made it oilier.

The maple bacon filling could not have been more on target! The recipe in Les Petits Macarons was GREAT! I added more juice though and more pepper and more maple syrup. I think it definitely needs more maple syrup. Since this filling is dry the sticky maple syrup keeps the macarons glued together. If its too dry then it is really just bacon crumbles on a macaron shell. Use more maple syrup. You can always just boil it down and reduce it, which is what I did.

These were definitely something different and special. The pecan, maple, orange, pepper and bacon flavors combined deliciously! I loved how it was savory but still tasted sweet and dessert-like. It was nothing like a typical macaron experience. The sweetness was largely killed but the salty, meaty bacon. It was a much more muted sweet experience. I really thought they turned out well! The pepper too added a nice kick! I think these would be perfect as appetizers, finger food or hors d’oeuvre. Then why not, serve a sweet macaron for dessert 🙂

Definitely give these a try for anyone who is a bacon lover (and who isn’t?) I was sooooo happy with the results on my first savory macaron experiment. I would recommend sticking with pre-ground almond flour. It was just SUCH a hassle and mess and disaster trying to grind my own nuts down to a flour. Of course the pecan flavor was incredible so if you are adventurous then give it a shot. Pulse gently and not for long periods of time to prevent the nuts from turning to paste. Also use powdered sugar to help soak up the oil. I sifted my ground pecans through a larger mesh sifter and I don’t think the slightly bigger pieces that fell into the mix affected the texture at all. I didn’t use any food coloring either! The pecans gave the shells a wonderful hue!


2 thoughts on “Maple Bacon Macarons!

  1. I’ve never heard of savoury macarons. That’s completely new for me. But you’ve described it so well that I think that must have been very delicious. Especially the combination of bacon and maple syrup.

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