Matcha and Chestnut Macarons

I have been dying to make Matcha flavored shells and today I finally did! I decided today that I didn’t want to mess with cooking a sugar syrup (Italian meringue) so I made French meringue macarons for the second time. I was really happy they turned out perfectly! I love how the French meringue shells melt in your mouth. The Italian meringue ones are a little more chewy. Both are good, I just like to choose the type of shell I want to use based on the filling.

At first I was going to make an adzuki buttercream filling but…..I tried adzuki paste again and I STILL hate it! Gross! So thankfully I had a can of sweetened chestnut paste and I made a buttercream with it that works perfectly with the matcha shells.

A warning, do not overuse the matcha powder. It is both expensive and potent. Use it sparingly. I used a teaspoon and a half and the shells are very very flavored. I think the green tea tastes amazing in the almond meringue shells! The sugar and almond perfectly mellow out the bitterness of the green tea! It tastes refreshing and cool!

So there they are! I love the asian inspired flavoring of these macarons! I am dying to make more! I think the matcha shells could be paired will all sorts of different fillings! Berry butter creams, adzuki (if you like it) even matcha butter creams to give it a REALLY intense flavor.


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