Blackberry & Raspberry Macarons

Since it is summer and berries are all in season I wanted to use them before they went back out of season. Last summer I never ended up using fresh raspberries or blackberries and I was disappointed! In France it seems to me that they prefer raspberry to strawberry. I’m not an expert by any means but it just seemed “framboise” was a much more common flavor than “fraise”. I ADORE blackberries to and I thought they combination of blackberries and raspberries would be a beautiful color combination!

The blackberry ones are filled with blackberry French buttercream and topped with a fresh blackberry. They look frosted because I had them in the freezer 🙂

The raspberry macarons are filed with raspberry French buttercream and ditto on the frosted look 🙂

I think these colors and the fact that they are both berries makes these a PERFECT couple for a summer party or whatever the occasion is! I did notice that the feet on my macarons were smaller than normal. I am 90% sure this is because the past few days have had temperatures in the 100s and the humidity has been unbearable! Humidity and macarons are not friends! However as you can see it is by no means impossible to bake a batch of these babies during humid weather. Also I have been lessening my time I let my macarons dry….it really doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I used blackberry and raspberry jellies in my buttercream because I didn’t want the fillings to be overpowering. I have used jelly before alone and while it is delicious, I wanted these to have a more creamy flavor. Raspberry can be super tart alone and so I chose to include them in a buttercream. I used French buttercream because to me, it tastes the least like butter. Taste your buttercream and add jelly as needed until the flavor is to your liking. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the recipe. Just deviate a little at a time. Don’t go dumping in 100grams of jelly at a time. Add it little by little to see how it affects the buttercream. These weren’t hard at all to make and they taste DELICIOUS on a hot hot hot hot hot summer day! If you are indoors trying to beat the heat give these a try!


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