Pistachio Macarons!

The pistachio macaron was one of the first I ever tasted and it is one of the reasons I fell so in love with macarons! I tried to make a pistachio buttercream once and I thought it tasted terrible! Pierre Hermé has a recipe for a pistachio white chocolate ganache that I thought I would try. I added about 50% more pistachio paste and voilà! The ganache turned out perfectly!

I bought pre-made pistachio paste and although the flavor was good….I just think the homemade pistachio paste I made a while back tasted better. Although in the pictures the ganache looks brownish, it really is a deep forest green color.

I also made a batch of pink macarons to fill with pistachio ganache….not a good idea. The colors looked awful. Stick to green shells. I have been messing around with the french meringue method for macarons rather than the italian method. It took me a while but I think I am getting the hang of the new type of shells. The italian one is still my favorite because it always turns out perfect for me. But the french one is so less messy….

All in all, I recommend making a pistachio ganache instead of a pistachio buttercream if you are going to try making these. Also….dont try to get too creative….a green shell works best when the color of the pistachio ganache is forest green. Next italian meringue macarons work the best in my opinion but if you are making the french meringue ones…..preheat your pans for a minute or so 😉 give the macarons a head start in the oven.

Pistachio Ganache:

150g of white chocolate

150g heavy whipping cream

100g pistachio paste

just mix the white chocolate and pistachio paste in a bown, then heat the heavy cream to a boil and dump it onto the white chocolate and pistachio paste. combine with a stick mixer (or if you are poor like me) use a fork and just combine all the ingredients together until smooth. let the ganache set up in the fridge then pipe!


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