Buttered Popcorn Macarons!

I’ve been dying to make popcorn macarons for a while now. I think next time I might make it more of a Cracker Jack flavor. The filling is a popcorn pastry cream. Next time I will add caramel and peanuts! I dipped the top shells into melted butter and then into chopped up popcorn to decorate them! The filling is very nice, but not SUPER popcorn-y. I mean you definitely can taste the popcorn but it isn’t overpowering. Kinda reminds me of rice pudding texture. The pastry cream is for sure off but not off-putting. Not overly sweet at all.

I was recently features on the Huffington Post in an article on American flavored macarons! I was SOOOOOO excited! It made me passionate again about baking them! I have been working so much lately I havent wanted to cook but this rekindled my passion! I started a new job and hopefully once I get into the swing of things I’ll have more energy and money to bake a lot!

I made popcorn flavored macarons because I wanted to keep experimenting with new flavors. I really LOVE the idea of imparting American flavors on a classically French dessert. I of course love the classical flavors but who doesn’t get excited to try something new?! Plus my French friends enjoy these creations!

So there’s my buttered popcorn macarons. Taste like sweet buttered popcorn deliciousness! There is a recipe for popcorn pastry cream in Les Petits Macarons. I used it as the base and altered it a bit to give my own little spin 🙂 I hope this inspires you to get out there and bake a batch of your own!


3 thoughts on “Buttered Popcorn Macarons!

  1. It most certainly does inspire me! Where can I find your recipe? I’ve been making rose-infused chocolate ganache macarons and pumpkin macarons. I can’t seem to find a good mixture to place in between these ones that won’t soggy up the cookie shells.

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. There is a book called Les Petits Macarons that has a bunch of really good recipes for fillings. This recipe was taken from there and changed only slightly. I LOVE rose, however everyone I know doesn’t like it…so I don’t use it as much as I want to. I didn’t post the recipe since it came from a book and wasn’t really created by me. Anyway I really want to try to make pumpkim ones this fall! I’ll post them here if I do! Thanks so much for the compliments! (btw I haven’t had too much trouble with soggy fillings. Try keeping the macarons frozen until you are ready to serve. I think that will keep less moisture from being absorbed into the shell) I am heading to your blog to see if you posted your macarons there!

  3. I found your blog today and browsed through it and must say: I love it! I’d like to start baking macarons at once if I only had the ingredients at home. I’m curious if you would post some more creations next year. I wish you a splendid start of the new year and many happy moments next year.

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