Oreo Macarons!

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Ever since I have been baking macarons I have wanted to make an oreo macaron. I think it is the fact that for us Americans, an oreo is our classic sandwich cookie that we know and love! The macaron seems like a perfect candidate to be oreo-fied! However I didn’t want it to be too literal. For example, lots of oreo cream recipes I found were made with butter, shortening and powdered sugar,….sounds horrible. I didn’t want a plastic-y, filmy residue left over from my filling. I still wanted it to pack a vanilla punch though, and be sweet, but not taste and feel like sugar granules. I chose to create a custom cream cheese filling. I thought a white chocolate filling would taste both too sweet and too much like white chocolate. So I created my own oreo cream cheese icing.

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BTW, I would post the recipes….however….someone has decided to steal all of my recipes and has published an e-book on the Kindle store and charge money for them….I didn’t actually think this would ever happen. I wanted people to be able to use my recipes for free, but I don’t like the idea of someone taking my hard work and creativity and profiting off of it. Made me very upset. I have contact the publisher but they have not responded. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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So back to the baking. I saw in oreo recipes an ingredient called “black cocoa” or “cocoa noir” etc. This can be purchased on amazon.com. This stuff is AMAZING!!!! I am going to buy gallons of this powdered cocoa. I added it to my italian meringue shells and they taste EXACTLY like oreos. I also added about a tsp of salt to the macaron batter because I always thought oreos were a little salty.

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So there you have it! Black cocoa noire to the macaron batter with a vanilla cream cheese icing filling. I am ECSTATIC with how they turned out! I didn’t want to crush oreos and use them or re-use oreo filling. I thought it might ruin the batter and I just wanted to actually make a more upscale version of the oreo, not use its parts. These were some of the simplest macarons I have ever made and some of my favorite! The oreo flavor really shines through. The black cocoa powder is a MUST! You cannot get the same taste or color from regular cocoa powder. I will try to post more often to keep the ideas flowing! Until next time!

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9 thoughts on “Oreo Macarons!

  1. Hi! I just found your site thanks to your complaint on an amazon ebook! I was about to buy it when I saw your review, so glad I didn’t pay them. Looking through your beautiful creations and I need flavor combo help! Will you be selling your list of recipes? I don’t mind paying you, promise I won’t sell the recipes hehehe 🙂 Let me know so I can get it. And so not cool about the thief and amazon , grrrr!

  2. Hi! I’m really sorry to hear about someone ripping off your recipes–nothing would make me more angry / annoyed. These oreo macaroons look wonderful and I’d love to make them for my mom’s birthday (she loves oreos and france!). Is there any way you’d share the recipe via email?

  3. Hello. I have question about this particular macaron recipe. Did you just added certain amount of black cocoa to basic macaron recipe ?
    or reduced something ? I bake macarons that use cocoa powder. they tend to wrinkled up. I usually don’t reduce anything just add cocoa but your oreo macarons looks just perfect. so I hope you can give me some advise. Thank you.

    • I usually reduce by half of however much cocoa powder I use. So if I use 20grams of cocoa powder I reduce the sugar/almond powder by 10 grams. The reason they wrinkle is because of heat. Cocoa powder bakes differently. Try baking at a little higher temperature for a little longer. You need to bake these longer than normal macarons. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!!!

  4. Omg I’ve been hunting for an easy Oreo macaron recipe and they all seemed so messy n expensive esp when they say use the cream only from 12 cookies etc, what a waste. I’m glad I came across yours after much googling. I was planning on making the basic plain macaron n just adding black colouring to the batter, and then using Oreos in the filling only. However yours seem very different. Could you please email me your recipe? It’s saadiya.bassa@gmail.com

  5. Is there anyway i can get this recipe, i want to try these, but im not a fan of regular oreos lol, (dont judge me). I want to make some uh-oh oreo macs. What do you think? I know I may be a little late as fae as what to do about the theif, if no one has contacted you back yet. Have you thought about taking the author or publisher to court? Its just sad how low people will go to make money smh.

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