Peppermint Macarons!


So these could be called peppermint or candy cane macarons. Of course they were made for Christmas! I wanted to try the technique of adding a stripe to the macarons. It was actually extremely simply. You just color a line down then piping bag with the food coloring gel. Then put the batter in the bag and voila, that’s it. I swirled as I piped to give the spiral effect.


For the peppermint ganache, Andes makes baking chips during the holidays of their Andes mints and these peppermint chips. I found them at Target but I have seen them other places too. I am not sure why…but I had to make this ganache using 1 part heavy cream and 2 parts baking chips. Even though normally it is 1 to 1, this makes a really runny ganache with the Andes chips.


All in all, I think they turned out well. The peppermint ganache turns pink on its own because the baking chips already have red in them. That was unfortunate but I think next time I will just make it more red by adding food coloring. The ganache flavor is perfect, not too pepperminty, very creamy and sweet. These actually took about 4 days to mature. They are a ganache so they will take longer.



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