all about moi

My name is Patrick Kelly and I am a French master student at the University of Louisville. I adore all things sweet but especially French pastries. I like beauty for the simple fact it is beautiful and I feel like pastries embody this because they are simply delicious for the sake of being delicious, not nutritional. I love the complexity, art, design, color, smells, taste and the general complex creativity French pastries involve. My goal is to take the classic American flavors and elevate them and make them compliment a macaron. I can and will make more than just macarons but they are my focus!

If you are interested in ordering macarons from me you can contact me at by phone (preferred) or email

812-406-7887 or

I can make any of the classic flavors: pistachio, rose, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, caramel, lemon, etc

or I can make some fun new combinations: dreamsicle, peanut butter & jelly, coca cola, reese (peanut butter and milk chocolate), andes mint chocolate, captain crunch, fruity pebbles, pumpkin pie, ginger bread, litchi, etc.

additionally any flavor you want I can most likely make into a macaron form 🙂 just let me know!

Really the possibilities are endless! That is the beauty of the macaron!


One thought on “all about moi

  1. Hi Patrick,

    It is Sandy. Love your site! Peanut Butter & Jelly sounds good do you have that flavor? Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese sounds delicious too

    Love you & proud of you! :0)

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